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1.Create a weekly learning schedule

One way to boost your English skills and improve your overall proficiency levels is to create a weekly learning schedule that lets you practice different skills. This means setting aside a little time each day to focus on something new. For example, you can study grammar on Monday, speaking on Tuesday and so on.

Not only will that help you become a balanced English speaker, but it will also expose you to a bigger variety of English material to help you learn.

2. Improve Your Listening Skills

Building your English listening skills has never been easier. With so much English material available on the internet, you’re guaranteed to find something that’s educational and entertaining for you.

Movies are a great way to boost listening

Your computer or television can become a powerful learning tool to help you boost your listening skills and learn how to speak English naturally.

In fact, studying English through movies has been extremely successful for a lot of learners because it’s a fun way to learn English, it shows you how to use words in their correct context and it also teaches slang and commonly-used expressions.

Listening to English songs is super

Music is a wonderful English learning tool, especially if you find an addicting English song that you can listen to for hours nonstop.

We all get songs stuck in our heads from time to time, so you might as well make the next song that gets stuck in your head an English song! Simply search for the lyrics to your favorite song and learn how to sing along.

As a bonus, when you learn the lyrics to a song you can also improve your speaking skills by singing the song! And you can also learn lots of great new English words and phrases from them!

3.Improve Your Reading Skills

Some learners are intimidated by the idea of reading in English, but if you feel that way, it’s probably just because you haven’t found the right thing to read yet!

If you want to improve your reading skills but think your textbooks are dry and hard to follow, then you should try using some real-life English material instead.

Popular books are a fun way to improve your reading skills

For me, learning a language through books has been a great way to build my vocabulary and see how grammar rules are put into place. I found that the Harry Potter series was a great starting point. As long as I had a dictionary by my side, the first book held my attention without being too difficult to understand. Each book after the first one is a little more challenging, which means that you can follow an interesting story while you improve your English skills bit by bit along the way.

Children’s books are also good for beginners

4.Improve Your Speaking Skills

Many of us learning a new language struggle to improve our speaking skills simply because we don’t have someone to practice with. Fortunately, social media platforms have helped eliminate that obstacle by creating ways to connect with people from different parts of the world.

Use voice chat on your favorite messenger programs. Because these platforms allow you to hold actual conversations, they’ve become useful tools to improve the learning process, as long as you already have people who you can chat with.

Tutors are great for speaking practice

Verbling is a popular program that students use to help them learn English. Verbling will connect you to a professional English tutor who can help you overcome your weaknesses and improve your strengths.

5.Improve Your Writing Skills

Building writing skills can be more difficult than improving your other language skills, especially at the beginning stages. It requires time, patience, a lot of practice and a good teacher who can give you valuable feedback. For most students, finding someone who can proofread your writing assignments and give you English writing help can be tough. Fortunately, there’s a site dedicated to doing just that.

Lang-8 is a popular website that helps language learners with their writing, and it’s perfect for learning how to use complex grammar and testing out different writing styles. Learning to write isn’t easy, even for many native speakers, but using Lang-8 as your personal blogging platform is a great way to build your writing skills and meet new friends.
Lang-8是一个很受欢迎的网站,它能够在写作方面帮助语言学习者,对于学习使用复杂的语法规则和测试不同的写作风格而言,它堪称完美。学习写作并不容易,甚至对于许多本族语使用者而言也是这样,但是使用Lang- 8作为你的个人博客平台是建立你的写作技能和结交新朋友的好方法。

6.Balance Your Resources to Make Your Study Time Exciting

You’ll probably find that taking a balanced approach to learning English is more enjoyable. This is because it adds variety to your learning experience. You get to learn English through a number of fun and interesting ways, and for most people, that’s much more enjoyable than studying the same generic learning material over and over.

By dedicating a little bit of study time each day to improving your skills, in no time you’ll find your own best way to learn English.